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Notes on Research Projects and Papers at Netlab of KAUST


I applied for the Visiting Student Research Program at KAUST and it is based on a funded project named “Redesigning Internet Protocols for Emerging Internet of Things Applications”. Hereby I present my preparation notes on the project as well as a possible upcoming interview with Dr. Basem.

Redesigning Internet Protocols for Emerging Internet of Things Applications

This project aims at developing scientific and technological advances required for the deployment of real-time applications as part of the IoT paradigm. To provide support for real-time IoT traffic, we need to redesign various elements of today’s Internet. This include how we reduce the impact of packet drops, how we route and schedule packets, and how we provide end-to-end support for such applications. The proposed research will focus on each of the above three issues related to IoT traffic control and communication, using real-time applications as the target domain.


  • Review how to set up Amazon cloud server and make communications using TCP/IP as well as Socket.