Caterpillar Mobile App Research

In this post we will discuss some pros cons and usages of caterpillar’s Google Play listed applications.

Cat Inspect 4.0

Cat Inspect is an easy-to-use application which allows users to download and complete pre-defined inspection tasks, as well as include pictures, comments, and ratings for Cat and non-Cat assets. Completed inspection details are easily retrieved from the streamlined web portal for follow up and opportunity management.


  • Download inspection forms.
  • Complete your inspection
  • Immediately share the results


  • In progress
    • Assigned
    • Submitted
    • Inspection Types: Equipment, Site, SOS.
    • Online and offline forms support.
    • QR code on a machine for customer information.
    • SMU—-Service meter unit.
    • Asset Info Custoemr Info
    • System auto save the information
    • Normal/Monitor/Action (Additional Information)
    • System API to draw on the uploaded photo.
    • Your title (aka position) and sign on the inspection form.
    • You may view the inspection on CATINSPECT web CATINSPECT


  • Makes it easy to share issue with CAT support.
  • Describe your issue
  • Attach a photo
  • Submit the request or call the support line.


All inspections completed by the person logged into the device.

Cat App: Fleet Management



Wherever you use your smart phone — around the jobsite, in your parked vehicle, even in your machine — you can use the Cat App. This equipment management tool, a companion to My.Cat.Com, makes it easy to track your equipment, giving you real-time access to data and actionable insights.

Managing equipment is chaotic. My.Cat.Com can help you be proactive with 24/7 access to equipment data and insights anywhere you go.

CONNECT EVERYWHERE. With the Cat App, answers to common questions are as close as your smart phone, and you can complete everyday tasks without turning on your computer or returning to the office. There’s no need to sift through large amounts of data. Just use the app while you’re on site, at home or in transit from one job to another to:

  • Track hours, location, fuel use, health & utilization
  • Request parts or service
  • Receive health & maintenance alerts
  • Manage planned maintenance
  • Connect with your Cat dealer
  • Create & share tasks
  • Access Operation & Maintenance Manuals, warranties, work orders, service history & safety service letters
  • Request Cat PL542 Product Link™ & self-install Cat Product Link devices
  • Use your phone as a digital key to start select Next Generation Cat machines

Connect with your dealer 24/7 with My.Cat.Com. Use your computer or tablet to manage yourequipment – on your schedule. Access your asset data, including location, health, maintenance, performance and more.

Want to see your whole fleet without driving from site to site? View your full asset list at a glance and check regularly updated hour, fuel level and utilization information. Use the Google maps feature to see the assets closest to your current location.

Don’t have time to go to the office to order parts or request service? Do it immediately on the app. Plus, when you request service, auto-filled location and machine information may save you the time and effort of typing – ask your Cat dealer if this feature is available in your region.

Wish you could plan service when it doesn’t impact production? Get notifications about upcoming indicators based on machine operating hours so you schedule services proactively.

Overwhelmed by notifications? Customize what fault codes, alerts or machine operating conditions you want to know about, even if you don’t check the app every day.

Want to connect machines to telematics when it fits into your schedule? Request and self-install PL542 Product Link boxes to get connected and frequently receive data insights.

Tired of losing or trying to find the right key? Using the keyless start feature, you can start select Next Generation Cat machines from the app.

Looking for an easy way to keep maintenance on schedule? Share maintenance tasks with your team, mark work complete and adjust future schedules if needed.

Interested in the condition of individual machines? Review your S•O•SSM Services fluid analysis results or Cat Inspect reports to identify problems before they become failures.

Trouble finding your paper records or manuals? Access Operational & Maintenance Manuals, support agreements, service letters, warranty information, invoices and more.

Interested in how the performance of different machines or jobsites compares? Run utilization and benchmarking reports to determine if you need to make adjustments to your fleet or operations.

Ready to sell a piece of equipment? Download a complete work order and service history to command a higher resale price.

Want to customize how you see your information? Set up your home page to get to your most important or most used tools quickly. Choose to view your assets in a table, in a grid or on a map — select an individual asset to see all its details.

  • Equipment: Utilisation, Issues detected, Planned Maintenance, Subscription information, Dealer information.
  • Keys: Bluetooth enabled key.
  • Analytics Data: Equipment total working hours per day. Equipment Idle Time.

Cat Value Estimating Tool

Cat Virtual Showroom


This application is meant for Caterpillar and dealer sales personnel only. CWS login is required to gain access. This app gives sales reps access to enterprise wide, non-confidential marketing material that can be emailed. In addition, Cat Dealers have the option of integrating their own content into the app by opening an account with Modus (


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