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About Me

After careful and detailed thinking, I plan to write this part of my website in Chinese,
which is my mother tongue. If you are having trouble with Chinese, you can use Google or Baidu or
LinkedIn to find what you may be interested in.

  • Name: Abraham Xiao
  • Age: (- YEAR 1991)
  • Job: Product Manager at ZValley (aka a subcompany of Zoomlion Heavy Industry)


  • 2009–2013 Bachelor of Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnic
    University, Xi’an, China




  • Android Anti-Junk-Message App (WIP)

After Words

    1. After the defeat and withdraw from Masdar Institute of
      Science and Technology, I would like to go back to the campus and if
      possible finish my Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy
      degrees there. Am re-applying to KAUST, Khalifa University (Abu
      Dhabi) and Hamad Bin Khalifa University at Doha, Qatar RIGHT NOW.
    1. To be updated later.
    1. Welcome to the world of COVID-2019.