2019 Fall Plan

  • 2019年生日之前通过健身瘦到60公斤左右。
  • 参加产品经理培训,既要懂技术,又要懂产品,还要懂公司财务。
  • 秘书长,学外语好啊,要多学啊。

2019 Summer Plan


  • Introduction to Java Programming Languages
  • Data Science with Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • University of Indiana Dr. Daniel P Friedman course C311 Programmnig Languages


  • ABUNDANT gym exercising to help you lose weight to abour 60KG (MUST DO. 5 STAR PRIORITY)
  • Have Keep and Enjoy a balanced diet. Enough protein and less and less fat salt sugar.
  • Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

2018 Fall KAUST Plan

- [ ] [Data Mining Specilization on Coursera](https://www.coursera.org/specializations/data-mining#courses)
- [ ] [Shahada's Research Projects](https://www.shihada.com/projects) Check them and think about them in order to maximize
your chance of being admitted.
- [ ] Java and Android development training. Also review your code on Github. And as well follow the course on Coursera on
HTML and Javascript. But the most important one is **Java** and its application.
- [ ] Least important. If you have extra time, spend some time on Programming Language Theory, aka Scheme and Racket.

Try your best to be admitted by one of the top universities in the Middle East. And more importantly work hard enough to earn
yourself a degree, a different but brighter future.


2018.03–2018.05 Work Plan

- [x] Prepare for CSMU paper-based exam and interview. **Very Important**
- [ ] Finish your work here as a teaching assistant. Important
- [ ] Make full preparations to become an English teacher. (Full-time or part-time undecided.) **Very Important**
- [ ] Review the theory of computer science. Especially Datat Structure and Algorithms.
- [ ] Start programming. Working with open source communities (if possible) and post your progress on website.

Programming Practice Plan

- [ ] WordPress HTML CSS
- [ ] Java Database (MySQL) and JavaScript
- [ ] System Administration, Linux Server


  1. 3天左右时间复习Lynda Java课程的高级部分。
  2. 开始Coursera上面跟HTML5 CSS的课程,尽力完成练习。
  3. 除开每天下午必要的备课时间以外,其余时间看教学视频,以及利用部分空余时间进行编程实践。理论与实践部分为2/1.
  4. 英语能力不能丢,根据实际进度准备TOEFL GRE考试,尽量每天安排30min记单词,每天单词量调小一些,时间放长一点没关系。


  1. 确定短期和中期职业发展规划,以及根据职业进展决定要不要再回阿联酋读研究生(博士生)。
  2. 提升自己的业务水平,主要是教育教学能力,行政管理能力(如果需要),编程能力。
  3. 提升综合素质,提高交友效率,多和厉害的人在一起。

2018 Spring Beark Plan

- [x] **Java programming**, essential and advanced must be finished. Priority A
- [ ] Online course, **TESOL** and Algorithms must be **finished**. A-
- [x] Online book, Hot to Design Programs should be finished. B+ priority
- [ ] Others: If you are going to be a teacher, preview some courses and write the lecture notes.

奖励:一份全新的工作,以及将来重启PhD Program的机会。

阶段小结: 由于邵阳市湘郡铭志学校 部分傻逼领导的傻逼决定,影响了今年春节期间后半阶段的学习计划。


2017 UAV Study Plan

- [  ] 无人机种类
- [  ] 无人机技术细节
- [  ] 无人机技术难点
- [  ] 无人机军民用市场调查

I will update the details not mentioned and checked/not checked here
with task lists. And they may be put into sub-headings.